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Juh Leidl


Born in Brazil, Juh Leidl at the age of 14 won the golden medal at the Childen’s Art Gallery in Zánka, Hungary. Studied Fine Arts at the State University of Campinas, Brazil, where she graduated with a major in painting and participated in group exhibitions promoted in the University Gallery and other galleries in Brazil. Worked at the Contemporary Art Museum of Campinas at the project Dali Monumental exhibition in 98 coordinated by Vania Lucia de Oliveira Carvalho. Her post graduate degree is from Escola Panamericana de Arte de Sao Paulo, Brazil (Pan-American School of Art of Sao Paulo).

Raised in a family of artists, her uncle Raul Porto, was a well known artist of the Concrete Movement in Brazil and her father Mauro Soares, a major contemporary artist- pop oriented, who has gained many influences that can be found in his latest artwork.

Her strong involvement with illustration and design over the last 20 years, results in paintings moving between the figurative and the abstract, but always carrying a personality in colors and in compositions that are crystal clear to the eyes of the spectator. Her technique is divided in two parts: One with the development and execution in wood to the FAYA series, more plastic and with lighter and summarized forms, and the other explores techniques of digital manipulation, painting and drawing with crayon on canvas.

Juh Leidl has debuted in international exhibitions after connecting with the art curator Leda Maria, who discovered her work and ensured her participation in the Woman In Art 2013 exhibition at the Ward Nasse Gallery - NY, where she became a member with the series "Feel" in 2013.

Developed the work “FAYA” exhibited in Monza and Milan, a series developed in Brazil under the guidance of Ingres Speltri, in which the artist makes an immersion and interprets works of great artists such as Gustav Klint and Manabu Mabe. Its two-dimensional structure, always clear, crafted in wood, uses light and shade as elements that allow the spectators to experience different sensations as they move around facing the artwork.

In the sequence of “FAYA”, the series Fragmentos (Fragments) was developed with artworks that are born via digital manipulation and move on to two-dimensional pieces.




Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in
Painting and Computer Graphics
Universidade Estadual
de Campinas / UNICAMP

Master of Fine Arts
Panamerican School of Arts
and Design

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